Probability And Statistics Utils for Python

These are just some classes I wrote to do problems like Dr Ecco's Omniheurist Corner in python
They are implemented in C with a python front-end, they are a good 10+ times faster than python-native implementations
It currently has objects that implement
Update Sep 1, 2005: The project is not dead, it just still works with modern versions of python and isn't going to grow any new features. Thanks to everyone that has dropped me an email over the years. I almost never check the email address listed in the README anymore (web ads) but I do hang out on comp.lang.python so feel free to ask any questions there or of me directly at

The latest tarball is probstat_0.912.tgz
Also check out the project summary page for news and other stuff

0.912 (Oct 11, 2002)

0.911 (Sep 13, 2002)
0.910 (Sep 7, 2002)
0.901 (Aug 11, 2002)

example usage
import probstat
li = [1,2,3,4]
for (item) in probstat.Permutation(li):
  print item
for (item) in probstat.Combination(li, 3):
  print item
for (item) in probstat.Cartesian([range(4), ['A', 'B']]):
  print item
p = probstat.PQueue()
p.push((1, 'mary'))
p.push((3, 'bill'))
p.push((2, 'joe'))

will p.pop() in the order 'bill' 'joe' 'mary' [optional args set the default starting size and reverse prioriy]


The 0.910 flushes all the good stuff in CVS, in the future I plan on slapping a python frontend to the GPL'd tree library (libavl) but that might be be a seperate project.


Checkout the writeup of my Bot for the 2002 Internation Conference on Functional Programming Contest. It isn't going to win (note to aspirants: 3 days is not enough time, form a team) but it is a nice mix of Python & C. I wrote the priority queue for that competition before adding it to CVS here.
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